Here's What Every Doer/Seller Needs To Know To Unlock Their True Potential
Discover and refine the ideal, step-by-step, BD process for your skills, strengths, and career objectives. 


I am excited about how BD Dynamics can help you and your firm. 

For that reason, I have taken the time to reveal every detail you need on the page below. 

Please feel free to read every word. 

But if you are in a hurry, please consult the table of contents (TOC) to the right. 

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Your success is my success!
Dawn. F. Landry

I created BD Dynamics to help you ...

Individualize a BD System that Parallels Your Operations Process

The same passions, talents, and processes that brought you to operations are what will take you to the top and beyond!

Inside BD Dynamics you will learn to LEVERAGE your existing skills while adding new skills as well. 

Dispel Limiting Business Development Stigmas and Eliminate Roadblocks to Your Success

Inside BD Dynamics you will learn to spot and destroy stigmas and limiting beliefs in yourself and others. 

By leveraging engaging and interactive exercises, we will work together as you Own Your Accomplishments and Define Your “I” in BD™. 

Advance Client Retention with Intentionality and Accountability

Landing a big deal is a beautiful thing. 

Executing the project seamlessly brings great pride because you are able to deliver on your promises. 

But true joy comes when Clients ask you back and give you more and more business. Get invited back again and again? You can do this!
 click below to watch this video first (sound on!)

Destroy Limiting Stigmas

Great BD professionals are not born, they are made. Let me show you how.

Perfect YOUR Step By Step Process

Discover and refine a step-by-step process that leads to more control and more deals won. 

Define YOUR BD Style

Operate at peak capacity by tapping into what ignites your passion to succeed.

Differentiate To Succeed

Leverage your unique gifts and experiences to become the best BD professional possible.

Let's get right to it

The most important question you can ask yourself right now is ...

Is this worth your time?

Your most valuable asset is your time, right? Time is the great equalizer and none of us gets more. 

Leveraging your time is how you create success. It's pure power. 

So it's natural for you to be asking yourself if BD Dynamics is worth your time. 

And only you can decide that. 

To help you choose, I've created the short decision matrix you see below.

Just check the boxes next to all the things you want to have happen in your business. 
Do you want a reliable and repeatable system that ensures no details are lost and no deadlines are missed?
Do you want to do more using less time because you have a streamlined set of principle-based, BD practices that work FOR you?
Do you want to leverage your natural abilities, talents, and experiences to become the BD superstar you know you can become?
Do you want to harvest the maximum number of qualified leads from EVERY networking event you attend?
Do you want to proactively engage and empower your internal team to collaborate on the deal closing, as well as successful implementation of the project?
If you checked even ONE of those boxes BD Dynamics will be well worth your time. 

I can say with integrity, after 30 years of experience in business development, that if I had access earlier in my career to what is being taught in BD Dynamics my achievements would have been even better than they were!

In fact, I created BD Dynamics so you could engineer a turning point in your career!

If you love leverage you will love BD Dynamics! 

I created BD Dynamics to empower you to get more done in less time, increase Client satisfaction, and simply close more business. If that's what you want, use the button above and join now to get our Grand Opening special pricing.

Looking for Your Return on Investment (ROI)?

As businesspeople, we assess ROI prior to any new venture. I would expect nothing less from you when evaluating this financial commitment as well.

While I know that BD Dynamics can be a career-changer for you, all that really matters is YOUR answer to this query:    

Is BD Dynamics a good investment for you?

Based upon my experience as a BD consultant, trainer, and coach, the answer is a resounding YES because BD Dynamics will advance your abilities to: 
  • Understand the value of the Doer/Seller business case and champion your role in its success.
  • ​​Design a Doer/Seller process that parallels your operations experience, is unique to you, and leads to consistently successful outcomes.
  • ​​Save time and money with efficiency and effectiveness by setting clear, achievable Doer/Seller goals and expectations with your leadership.
  • ​Maintain your client and ally relationships with intentionality and accountability.
  • ​Utilize outreach and networking strategies and tactics that can be customized with confidence, even for the self-proclaimed introverts.
  • Define and leverage your unique strengths, as well as your colleagues’, as differentiators against your competition.
  • ​​Develop a clear, concise Go/No Go system for your individual business development plan.
  • Get noticed, stand out, and get promoted for your Doer/Seller accomplishments.
  • ​​Maximize your Secret Sauce to BD.
If these are the types of benefits you value, I know that BD Dynamics will deliver exponentially for you.

It’s a modest investment considering the long-lasting career gains that you will reap. Now, let’s get started!


  • Lifetime access to the Doer/Seller course by BD Dynamics™ including updates we make over the years. ($9,250 value)
  • ​Our private forms and checklists. ($750 value)
  • ​Bonus Module 1. ($500 value)
  • ​Bonus Module 2. ($500 value)

Total Value = $11,500

You pay only $495!

When it came time to determine the enrollment fee for BD Dynamics, I faced a bit of dilemma. 

There were several things that were on my own go/no go list when I was designing the course. 

Inside BD Dynamics, I wanted to ...
  • Share openly and honestly, based on being on the front lines of small deals and nine-figure deals as well.
  • ​Bring my perspective as a woman (often the only woman in the room) in BD to the table. And yet, I wanted what I share inside BD Dynamics to apply to all people. 
  • ​Shared only experience-based methods and not delve into the theoretical or what "might work."
  • ​Make sure that those just starting their BD careers would benefit as much as we veterans who have been around the block a few times.
  • ​Deliver the best possible information for the most reasonable of prices so that this vital information would be within the reach of all BD professionals.
So I went to work creating the best possible course I could deliver. I spared no expense of time or money in order to ensure that you will be accessing an actionable, helpful, powerful resource that can very well be a game-changer for you. 

But when it came to the price ... I was stuck. 

How could I assign a dollar value to the years of work and dedication I had put in to become a top BD professional?

How could I choose an appropriate fee given that my fee to deliver this same content in person would be at least $10,000?

I knew there was a sweet-spot between affordability for you and appropriateness based on my 30 year career and current consulting and speaking fees. 

After much soul-searching, and consulting with my own trusted advisors, I made a decision. 

I decided to make BD Dynamics as affordable as possible. 

I was not going to charge the $10,000 I would charge to deliver this in person. 

I was not going to charge based on my hourly consulting rate (currently $500 per hour) either.

I decided to make Lifetime access to BD Dynamics be only $1475. 

My hope is that this low price makes joining BD Dynamics today a quick and easy decision for you. 

Because, after all, the sooner you start the sooner you will begin to see the benefits of your choice to join BD Dynamics today! 

Let me recap what you will receive ... 

To get started simply click this button now ...

Proven Principles Of BD Success

Proven Principles Lead To Predictable Results

What I teach in BD Dynamics are principle-based practices that create reliable results when you apply them. 

Over the years I've been exposed to more "techniques" and "selling scripts" than you can imagine. While there was some truth in many of them, most of them were so generic and boilerplate that they did not feel authentic or relatable to me, or how I develop relationships.

The effects were simply not memorable or true to me.

So I set out to identify, hone, and validate proven principles that are universally customizable, yet still effective.

These principles work:
  • For emerging leaders in the world of Doer/Seller, as well as those tenured executives who measure their careers in decades, not months. 
  • ​For the engineering-focused in the software industry, as well as those in the architecture, construction, banking and other technical, service-based organizations.
  • ​For operations professionals from Houston to Hong Kong.

Real results start with ...

Principle-Based BD

This and so much more is inside the full course ...
  • Develop a business development process for success by creating your differentiators, both individual and organizational. 
  • A system to design a Go/No Go Process for your BD efficiency and effectiveness.
  • ​​Design action plans that include realistic, measurable and achievable goals. 

If there is one thing most technical Doer/Sellers love it's predictability

What technical Doer/Sellers enjoy about BD Dynamics is how closely my proven process follows what they want ...  they make a certain effort and they get a certain result. 

Inside BD Dynamics  you will discover the scientific process of persuasion. 

Best of all, these methods are completely consistent with your character, your ethical map, your natural way of being and doing. 

When you combine your own strengths with these proven success formulas, amazing things can happen in your business. 

If you are ready to break through the barriers you face and achieve the next level using a predictable, methodical process then use the button above to get instant access to BD Dynamics.

Forged In The Fire Of 30 Years 
Of BD Success

You can't learn this in a Google search or by 
watching YouTube videos

Whether it's first responders or those heroes who stepped up during COVID, no one understands being on the front lines better than those who have "been there and done that." No movie, book, or training can replace real experience. 

I can say from experience that being on the front lines of nine-figure deals is something that simply changes you. It makes you better, stronger, more effective, and more resilient. 

My goal with BD Dynamics is simple ...

I want to share real practices that work in the real world, for real people like you. 

No fluff. No theory. Only real world tactics that can catapult you to your highest level of success in BD. 

Here's What You'll Discover Inside...

  • How to develop relationships that last for decades, not months.
  • ​Why follow-up is your most important tool and exactly how to use it to land more contracts.
  • ​How to leverage your time to get more done even when juggling multiple deals and deadlines.

If there is one thing most technical Doer/Sellers hate it's uncertainty

I hear it in my consulting practice all the time. 

"My Client just said this ... what does that REALLY mean?"
"My Client has not returned my call for a week. Have I lost their confidence?"
"How can I maintain meaningful contact when we can't even meet in person?"

Questions like these can create uncertainty, confusion, and frustration in even the best Doer/Seller.

I created BD Dynamics to answer these questions (and more) so that your Business Development experience can be predictable, profitable, and repeatable

If that's what you want, don't delay a moment more. Use the Get Instant Access button above and let's get it done ... together! 

Succeed by being your most authentic you!

It's about leveraging YOUR abilities, not copying someone else

To garner long-term career advancement, an operations professional must develop skills to improve their involvement in the technical sales part of the process as a Doer/Seller. 

Clients want to know who will be working on their projects to ensure that there is great chemistry, composure, character, credibility, reliability from, and with, those technical professionals. 

And to be the most successful in that role, the Doer/Seller must harness deep relationships that are only achieved through genuine, authentic trust. 

True Authenticity

  • Understanding that what you do specific to your technical operations role applies to those processes and those synergies from the relationships that you have with intentionality and accountability.
  • Leveraging your unique mosaic to be able to be successful in your business development, seller function of the Doer/Seller process.
  • ​Empowering Y-O-U because you have everything you need to succeed!

I want to be 100% clear that BD Dynamics is NOT about changing your nature. 

It's about changing your results

Inside BD Dynamics  you will find the resources to become the very best version of yourself!

 Much like polishing a diamond, BD Dynamics exists to bring out and maximize what is already inside you ... not turn you into some caricature of a slick salesperson who happens to have a technical degree. 

As you gain new skills (and validate the skills you have now) you will create a positive feedback loop that will propel you to the highest level of achievement for YOU, not for anyone else. 

If you want better results, use the button above to join now.

Elevating & Accelerating Your Doer/Seller Abilities

Connect with me and let's take your business 
to its highest possible level

Everyone talks about "the next level". And the next level is fine. After all, we climb the ladder of success one rung at a time, right?

But what people miss is this ... defining your HIGHEST possible level.

What I want for my private Clients, and now for my BD Dynamics participants, is for them to reach their HIGHEST level. 

And that's what you want too, right?

If you said yes, you are going to love what you discover inside BD Dynamics

Just take a look at what's waiting for you inside ...

Here's What You'll Discover Inside...

  • Manage up with leadership to define/assign and divide/conquer to maximize outreach tactics.
  • Collaborate with internal executives and colleagues to engineer clear, achievable Doer/Seller goals and expectations.
  • ​​Own your accomplishments and acknowledge that client retention is business development too!

Discover the synergy that happens when you and your entire BD team are pulling in the same direction at the same time!

You know, humans can  do some pretty amazing things. We build the Empire State Building in one year and 45 days. ONE year! 

But we can also self-sabotage, backbite, fail (or even refuse) to cooperate with each other. And our passions for projects can be fickle, with everyone excited on day 1 and half the team lethargic on day 401. 

If you want to experience consistent results, you need your ENTIRE team pulling in the same direction ... your direction. 

Getting there is easy when you know how. Join BD Dynamics now and let me help you get your entire team on board and pulling in the right direction.

What's The Secret Sauce Of BD?

Leverage your talents, desires, and abilities to become the BD dynamo you know you can be!

Don’t let anyone mislead you. There is no secret sauce to being successful in business development. 

Yet, if there was anything that closely resembles Secret Sauce, it would take the form of Follow Through and becoming a Follow Through Scout.

I sometimes ponder about how many lost opportunities exist in the business world simply because someone didn’t follow through. 

Remember, Clients are always watching. 

If we aren’t responsive on the small things, then how will they be able to trust us with the larger ones?

You have free reign to design the follow up tactics necessary and best suited to your Clients, you, your industry, and your organization. 

Let’s debunk the old misconceptions and erroneous stories from the past:

Here's What You'll Discover Inside...

  • No one personality type is better at it than another — not even Mr. or Ms. WOO. (Winning Others Over)
  • ​Nope; the life of the party and “Good Time Charley” person doesn’t necessarily make the best BD or Doer/Seller person. 
  • ​There is no magical, quick fix formula.
  • ​It’s all about achieving deep, long-lasting relationships.

Follow through, when done with intentionality and consistency, is what separates the BD superstars from the runners up.

Let's face it, we are all good at our jobs. We are all professionals. We are all educated and want to do a good job. 

And yet, at the end of the day, there will be ONE winner and others who did not get the contract, land the deal, or grow their company. 

In the last 30 years, I have developed and refined a follow-through process that works. It works for me. It works for the Client. And it will work for you. 

If you get nothing from BD Dynamics but this one module, it would be worth 20 times the modest investment. 

Join BD Dynamics now and let's polish YOUR follow-through processes.

“I have had the privilege of working with Dawn while she has been consulting with Manhattan for the last two years. During this time, she has helped in supplementing our Business Development efforts & providing guidance in communicating externally. 

She is amazing at connecting the dots, thinking outside the box, & providing guidance in formulating a successful outcome, whether it be creating a vision, communicating externally, providing guidance to win pursuits, and / or connecting people / teams. 

Dawn also has an amazing skill set of being able to not only pinpoint the best strengths in others but also in guiding them to utilize those strengths to gain the best value for themselves and their teams.”

Raylena Browning
Preconstruction Director, Manhattan Construction
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Insert Testimonial - Use Testimonial Script From Funnel Scripts
Insert Testimonial - Use Testimonial Script From Funnel Scripts

Recommended By Leading Experts In Industry

What Others Say About 
Dawn F. Landry

saved years of effort
"Working with Dawn is like working with an entire army of business developers. 

It’s become my job to try to keep up with her!

As a small business owner, I wear many hats and have a finite amount of time in the day. 

Being able to tap into Dawn’s network and strategic thinking has opened doors that would have taken me years to do on my own."

Dianne Kimiko Murata
Principal Designer/Owner of Kimiko Designs
consummate professional
"I’ve known Dawn for several years and have worked with her in multiple capacities over that time. I’ve worked with her as a direct colleague and as she served in a consultant role with her own Clients. 

Dawn is the consummate professional and delivers concise and clear corporate strategies focused on business development, operations and executive coaching. 

I highly recommend Dawn if you are looking for effective and implementable strategies that will grow your business for the long-term."

Mark S. Mitchell
President at KSM Location Advisors
BD Dynamics is FANTASTIC!!! 

It is so easy to follow / listen to. 

The course feels very conversational and is easy to take in the information. 

I absolutely LOVE all Dawn’s examples too! 

 BD Dynamics is also great because it includes / incorporates specific “to do’s” and actionable items with worksheets that are super helpful.” 

Raylena Browning
Director of Preconstruction
Manhattan Construction Company
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WHAT will I receive?
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WHEN can I access the material?
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WHERE can I access this course?
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WHY would I want to access the BD Dynamics course?
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HOW did you create this course?
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